About us

Our farmers are more than farmers. They’re members of a collective (co-operative) who grow grains and crops with a mission to bring organic goodness to as many homes as possible. We also work closely with several experts in the food processing ecosystem. Together, we transform raw grains and crops into healthy, delicious products like millet rice, traditional rice, flour, dals & lentils. We work with several players through the food processing ecosystem to process and transform the raw grains/crops to tangible products like Millet Rice, Rice, Wheat, Wheat flour etc. We package and distribute fresh from the farm.

At Organic Sphere, we care about our community. That’s why we work with various nonprofit initiatives including Dr. Khadervali’s Kadu Krushi/JungleFarming program, which is organized and managed by Kushal & Lakshmi Narayan Reddy. We also source our products from neighboring farmer co-operative societies.


18107 N Eldridge Pkwy , Suite 140,

Tomball , TX 77377