Health issue  H1 N1, H5 N1
Decoctions Peepal, Nyctanthes arbor-tristis , Holy basil Consume all above decoctions one week each and repeat the cycle
Special instructions Oils: Coconut oil/ Safflower oil / Niger seed oil.
Consume all above mentioned oils one week each and repeat the cycle. Take 2 to 3 spoons of oil and maintain gap of 30 mins between oils and decoctions
Source of oils should be strictly from bull driven wooden Ghana’s
Oils should be stored in glass or porcelain containers.

The best way to consume millets in the form of fermented porridge for 5 to 6 weeks

Millet Plan

Millet Porridge : 10 days
Kodo millet – 1 day
Little millet – 1 day