One should consume Siridhanya in form of ambali (fermented gruel) for minimum of 6 weeks.

  • Eat one dry roasted sesame laddu made with palm jaggery once in a week. Diabetic patients with HbA1c less than 8 can eat sesame laddu with palm jaggery. Diabetic patients with HbA1c more than 8 can eat plain sesame laddu or they can include sesame seeds in their food.
  • Walk well. How long you walk (90 minutes) is more important than how fast you walk.
  • Follow the daily routine suggested by Dr. Khadar strictly.
  • Do not stop your regular medicine suddenly. Reduce and stop your medicines gradually step by step as and when your health condition is getting better after following this lifestyle.
  • You should start following this lifestyle along with your regular medicine and you can reduce and stop medicines gradually step by step.
  • This is not a diet plan, rather it is a food habit and lifestyle.
  • You can observe that by changing our food and food habit, we can bring back our health to normal.
  • If the cancer spread (metastasis) to other parts, Take the respective protocol for the one which is severely affected by the cancer.

Note: We do not claim to be doctors. If you are diagnosed with cancer, please consult doctors. Following Millet lifestyle, lot of folks around the world have been healed and recovered as well.