Nothing gives you the sensation of a healthy diet preparation like this sesame oil. As one of the most popular cooking oils for the Middle East, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines, the oil is a great flavor enhancer. It stands out mainly due to its distinct taste and aroma when used in meals. The oil is extracted from sesame plant seeds. Rich in phytosterols, fatty acids and vitamin E, sesame oil is a dependable antioxidant. It is believed that using sesame oil exposes you to more health benefits such as combating inflammation, heart-healthy fats, and keeping the skin safe from sun damage. Additionally, sesame oil can assist with regulating blood sugar levels. It mostly reduces fasting blood sugar which forms at night when asleep, as well as hemoglobin, one’s average blood sugar level over a certain period (about two months). You will get the oil in a steel or glass container. Our oils are best since the seeds are heated below 27°c.

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