Product description

Size:200 grams

Our food-grade tempered Cocoa / Cacao butter makes it extremely easy for chocolate enthusiasts to prepare delicious bespoke hand-made chocolates, right in the comfort of ones’ kitchen. Slowly melt our Cocoa butter, add Cocoa powder, milk powder, toppings and a sweetner of your choice. Gently whisk, pour in to moulds and refrigerate! Cocoa butter is a rich & flavourful addition to Ketogenic desserts like brownies, cheesecakes, chocolate & berry parfaits etc. One can also enjoy Ketogenic beverages like Bulletproof coffee by adding a generous amount of Cocoa butter to it. Add a sweetener of your choice instead of sugar to create healthy artisanal sugar-free chocolates! Our all natural, non-deodorized, unrefined, raw, pure & tempered Cocoa (Cacao) butter can be used for a variety of bespoke culinary applications. Combine our Cocoa butter with Cocoa and/or Milk powder of your choice and prepare delectably rich, aromatic and flavourful chocolates, chocolate dips as well as chocolate based dishes like brownies & cakes.