Product description

Smooth and Mild Horsetail stands out as one of the oldest and most resilient of plant species. With fossil records dating horsetail back to prehistoric times, many people refer to it as a “living fossil”. In appearance, it is a reed-like plant with wispy branches that resemble a brush, and it is this appearance which earned the plant its name. Historically, the plant had a number of uses. Fitting to its name, it would be tied to a horse’s tail to help with scattering flies, and its branches made it a useful brush for cleaning cookware. As the plant was also edible, it served as a green vegetable, eaten either raw or cooked and served like asparagus. All above-ground parts are used to make horsetail tea, a mild, subtly herbal brew in both fragrance and taste. You can enjoy this tea in many ways: on its own; mixed with honey or sugar; or blended with another of your favorite herbal teas. We craft our horsetail tea out of 100% organic horsetail, free of fillers and additives. With our unbleached tea bags, we eliminate the risk of harmful chemicals from contaminating your tea. With quality, all-natural ingredients, horsetail tea makes a great addition to any tea shelf.