Product description

100% Pure and Fresh Organic Matcha- Award Winning Taste

• Organic Matcha is in powdered form and used for drinking as tea or as an ingredient in cooking and baking recipes.

• Matcha is renowned for numerous health benefits. It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and chlorophyll. The health benefits of matcha exceed those of other green teas because matcha drinkers ingest the whole leaf, not just the brewed water. One cup of matcha is the equivalent of 10 cups of normal green tea in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content.

• Matcha contains L-theanine, an amino acid known to relax the mind. For this reason, matcha is also known as a mood enhancer.

  • At least 10 times more effective than a regular “brewed” cup of green tea. The average consumption is 1-2 cups a day; that is equivalent to about 10-20 cups of regular green tea! Most people like a cup in the morning to “rev” them up, and then a cup in the afternoon to “perk” them up.
  • Organic & Fresh brought to you directly from the farms of Japan. Our matcha is Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) Certified.
  • No Contraindications/ Side Effects associated, 100% Natural and Pure. Lead content well within the limits prescribed by JAS.
  • Vibrant bright green appearance with a smooth texture to give you a perfect matcha experience with an award winning taste.
  • First harvest matcha, which makes it richer in antioxidants. Perfect and the healthiest alternative to coffee.