Organic cinnamon powder, also known as Darchini powder, is a nutrition-packed spice derived from the bark of Lauraceae. Cinnamon is widely cultivated in Sri Lanka and harvested in wet seasons. It’s also found in India, Burma, West Indies, and South America. The bark of Cinnamon is dark brown enriched with sweet aromatic flavors taking your food to the next level. The flavored-packed organic cinnamon powder is used in curries and extensively used in bakeries and drinks. It has a rich history and was formerly more precious than gold in old times. Organic cinnamon powder is loaded with traditional medicinal properties. According to the studies, Its antioxidant properties regulate blood sugar levels and also help to reduce the risk of heart disease. Organic cinnamon powder is beneficial in weight loss and also combats diabetes. It’s a USDA-certified organic spice that is high-quality, non-GMO, salt-free, and guarantees 100% natural ingredients.

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