Our Pink Onion from India has a slightly sweeter and more pungent flavor than white onion. Yellow onions are considered the all-purpose onion and are the most popular cooking onions. The longer they cook, the sweeter the taste. They are ideal for long cooking dishes, and add excellent flavor to soups, stews, braises, and meat dishes.

Yellow and White Onion, whether powder, granules, chopped or minced is a great spice to have on hand in your pantry because it’s used in so many different recipes.

Onion Uses:

  • Onion has been stapled in most dishes, especially sautéed and stir-fried dishes.
  • Both Tex-Mex and Mexican foods such as burritos filled with scrambled eggs or refried beans benefit from the addition of onion.
  • Gives flavor to homemade French fries, hash browns, or home style potatoes.
  • Almost any type of dip spread can utilize the enticing flavor of onion, and if it’s in a powdered or granular form, it will flow more easily throughout the smooth concoction, so you get a taste of onion in each bite.
  • The breading used from fried chicken, fish or onion rings tastes better with a healthy dash of onion granules.
  • Onion Granules can also be added to your stockpot when you are ready to make some beef, chicken, shrimp, fish or other types of stocks, which can be frozen and thawed as needed for recipes.