Ajwain seeds are a spice that is common in every Indian family, and without it makes food seasoning incomplete. Ajwain is extracted from an herbal plant, already giving you an idea of what to expect for your overall health. The herb has a very strong scent, explaining why it is also called Ugragandha. These Organic Sphere-Ajwain seeds feature a bitter and pungent flavor, almost similar to oregano. Thanks to the strong aromatic essence that it oozes, you will typically find it incorporated in pickles and curries. Organic Sphere-Ajwain seeds rank as one of the rarest spices that add flavor and remain good for health in equal measure. One of the most talked-about and crucial health benefits of ajwain seeds has to do with its ability to instantly relieve acidity and indigestion. An upset stomach can be one of your worst experiences. If this is something that constantly bothers you, start taking these seeds to improve digestive functions. Other benefits include helping relieve the common cold, being good for ear and toothache, and helping with cleaning wounds.