Original Rudraksha mala made of 5 mukhi rudraksha beads. This rudraksha mala has 108+1 beads of 5 mukhi rudraksha. Rudraksha mala for men and women for daily wear or Japa of mantras. This rudraksha mala can be used by both men and women. It can be worn by even a child. The beads are big which makes it good for even japa of mantras. Please note that since the beads are small and natural the shape will not be perfect round. If you are looking for perfect round shape then we suggest artificial mala. Five Mukhi Rudraksha: It represents Hindu deity Kalagni. This extremely auspicious rudraksha is vital for people that would like to awaken their higher selves which mean UpaGuru. Sacred Rudraksha beads are worn by Sages and Yogis since ancient times for their profound religious significance and considered as divine treasure to be cherished. Sacred Rudraksha beads are made of the seeds of the Rudraksha tree and per ancient texts.